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Yatsushika Honjozo Karakuchi Blue 15% 720ml

Yatsushika Honjozo Karakuchi Blue 15% 720ml

The blue sign & the crispness of Yatsushika sake. A sharp and crisp drinking.
The dry sake brewed by Mr. Mori for the sake lovers using Kokonoe rice and water. I would like to recommend it for every day’s dinner, it is a dry birth that appeared on the occasion of the 150th anniversary. Enjoy a crisp and refreshing drink.Born with Oita’s food culture, this local sake is grilled with shiitake mushrooms, fried chicken, etc. It is a sake that you should drink as a local dish of Oita or as an accompaniment to your usual dining table.

Alcohol 15 %
Origin Oita
Grade Honjozo
Rice Nihonbare
SMV > +6 (Dry)
Volume 720 ML