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Yatsushika Daiginjo Silver 15% 720ml

Yatsushika Daiginjo Silver 15% 720ml


The silver stamp & the sharp of sake Yatsushika. The most elegant fragrance and graceful sharpness.Yamada Nishiki, which has been polished to a rice polishing rate of 35%, Daiginjo liquor prepared with underground water from the Kuju Mountain Range.This is a dedication to a sunny seat that has won numerous gold awards at national sake competitions.The elegant mouthpiece that is gorgeous but doesn’t insist too much. It is a delicious taste that you cannot forget once you drink it. Recommendation pairing with Fugu sashimi.

Alcohol 15 %
Origin Oita
Grade Daiginjo
Rice Yamadanishiki
SMV +1 to +6 (Light to Medium dry)
Volume 720 ML