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Yatsushika Ginjo Pink 14% 720ml

Yatsushika Ginjo Pink 14% 720ml


The pink sign & the scented of Yatsushika sake. Slightly sweet and supple aroma reminiscent of fresh fruits, and a beautiful finish. Ginjo liquor with a refreshing and light taste, prepared with underground water from the Kuju Mountain Range.The fruity but not overly assertive mouthpiece. It is a superb dish that goes great with food, like Hirame Konbutsume.Have a fresh taste that you won’t get tired of drinking.Exhibited at the Kyushu Sake Contest [Kyushu S-1 Grand Prix 2014] Out of the 40 types of sake that we are proud of in Kyushu’s 40 breweries, we won the first place by popular vote!

Alcohol 14 %
Origin Oita
Grade Ginjo
Rice Yamadanishiki
SMV +1 to +6 (Light to Medium dry)
Volume 720 ML