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Nanbubijin AWA Sake Sparkling 14% 720ml

Nanbubijin AWA Sake Sparkling 14% 720ml

Nanbu Bijin’s first challenge, secondary fermentation in a bottle! 

It is a well-balanced awa sake that has a pleasant ginjo aroma, a gentle mouthfeel, and a refreshing sparkling wine, but still retains the umami of rice in the aftertaste. Normally, in the process of making champagne, after the work of squeezing, sugar is added with liqueur in the process of “dosage (chaptalization)” to adjust the taste and to make up for the reduced volume of wine.
Nanbu Bijin Awasake Sparkling of Dosage Zero does not do this dosage (chaptalization).
Because it is dosage zero, you can enjoy a delicate and dry taste with less sweetness.

Alcohol 14 %
Origin Iwate
Grade Sparkling
Rice Domestic
SMV < -6 (Sweet)
Volume 720 ML