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Suigei Junmai Hattannishiki 15% 720ml

Suigei Junmai Hattannishiki 15% 720ml

Brewer’s rice controversial in “Hattan Nishiki”, light taste is pure rice sake of features Brewer’s rice controversial in “Hattan Nishiki” It is refreshing pure rice wine. Taste while flavor is in enough of a good material of pure rice wine is light, refreshing includes incense will enjoy. Refreshing taste is also ideal for’ll drink to suit your cooking. Go well with hot pot.

Rice: Hiroshima Hattanishiki

Yeast: Kumamoto Yeast (KA-1)

Alcohol 15 %
Origin Kochi
Grade Junmai
Rice Hattannishiki
SMV > +6 (Dry)
Volume 720 ML