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Ryukyu 3yrs 25% 1800ml

Ryukyu 3yrs 25% 1800ml

“””Ryukyu Classic”” is a 100% 3-year-old sake with a mellow and rich taste and a fruity aroma peculiar to low-temperature fermentation. The gorgeous and gentle aroma and the light taste without any unpleasant taste make it easy to match with food and are suitable for sake during meals. The retro feel that reproduces the nostalgic label that was used in the past is also popular. Awamori is also recommended for those who have never drank it and are not good at it. The recommended way to drink is Ryukyu Classic 5 Water 5 Mizuwari.

Ryukyu Classic goes well with greasy dishes such as fried foods, so you can enjoy it like beer.

Alcohol 25 %
Origin Okinawa
Volume 1800 ML