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Maoh Imo Shochu 25% 1800ml

Maoh Imo Shochu 25% 1800ml

“This is one of the premium Sho-chu “3M” in Japan.
“3M” is most popular three Sho-chu in Japan. Extremely smooth taste.

Suppressed sweet potato aroma, so people who are not accustomed to drinking sho-chu can taste deliciously.
Sweet potatoes have little sweetness and are popular for their dry taste.

If you want to fully enjoy the charm of “Maou Sho-chu” it is recommended to drink on the rocks.
You can enjoy the fruity aroma, rich and crisp aftertaste without a strong and distinct sweet potato taste.”

Alcohol 25 %
Origin Kagoshima
Shochu Type IMO(芋焼酎) - sweet potato
Volume 1800 ML