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Amahagan World Malt Whisky Edition No.3 Mizunara 47% 700ml

Amahagan World Malt Whisky Edition No.3 Mizunara 47% 700ml

Light amber with a sweet malt aroma, as if the long malt spilling from the glass, well matched with other fruits such as orange and red apple. The fragrances originating from Mizunara wood continue to linger along with a nice soft smokiness, and a sweet caramel tones of woodiness finish at last. The flavour of sweet orange peel and brown sugar will be found after a sip, followed by the aftertaste of bitter chocolate melting in the mouth.

✔︎ Category Winner (World Whisky Award, 2020)

〜Tasting Notes〜

Nose: Sweet and complex. Malt sweetness from NAGAHAMA new-make. Orange, red apple. As time passes, the characteristics of Mizunara, fragrant wood flavor reveal. Caramel and sweet oak.

Palate: Brown sugar, baked orange cake. After that, bitterness like dark chocolate gradually spreads in your mouth.

Finish: Long. Crisp citrus and warmness oak and bitterness dark chocolate.

Non Chill-filtered and Non Coloured.

Distillery: Nagahama Distillery

Alcohol 47 %
Origin Shiga
Series / Brewery Amahagan / Nagahama Distillery
Whisky Type Blended
Volume 700 ML