Wondering where to buy Japanese sake in Singapore? Your search for fine sake products can finally end at Whistler Wine. We supply authentic Japanese alcoholic beverages such as sake, shochu, flavoured sake, liquors, and Okinawa’s distilled spirits (called Awamori), as well as #1 beer Orion. If you have always been intrigued by exotic eastern wines, now is the right time to buy sparkling variations or still ones and lay your cravings to rest. Choose from our premium wines to make a lifestyle statement at any occasion – they make for a fun-filled and interesting experience. You can order online for sake that is traditional or comes with a bit of a modern twist and look forward to home delivery.

We have a variety of wines that are just as diverse in their aromas and profiles, as they are in their range and bottle designs. The taste of these unique beverages will make you appreciate fine drinks, along with the knowledge of differences in their brewing process. Various types of water, sake rice and yeasts have been used to add a distinct characteristic to each sake product. What’s more interesting is the fact that we now have different kinds of flavoured sake in still/sparkling and fruity varieties which are a big hit among ladies in Singapore.

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