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Premium Japanese Beers in Singapore

The Japanese love their beer, which explains why beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in Japan. It all started in the 17th century during the Edo Period, when the Dutch started a beer hall for sailors. Later in the 19th century, brewers from Germany arrived and the rest is history. Now, Japan’s commercial brewing techniques are prevalent all over south-east Asia and beer factories are spread out all over the world.

The refreshing taste of their lager comes from being brewed with rice, and they are a must try for anyone who loves good old beer. You can now enjoy the taste of this much-loved brew by simply putting an online order for the same. The famous amber beverage is renowned for its refreshing qualities and thanks to Whistler you can now buy online Japanese beers in Singapore.

We offer the following world-famous Japanese beer products:

ORION BEER: Composed of malt and hops brought in from Germany and the Czech Republic, this beer comes into being after being ripened under a strict process. This beer is the pride of Okinawa, with its smooth and crisp characteristics. It is a great choice for those with demanding palates!

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