For Your Taste and Enjoyment – Japanese Alcoholic Beverages in Singapore

Whistler offers a diverse range of Japanese beverages for your enjoyment. Japanese innovation is not limited to technology, but also extends to exotic beverages using unconventional ingredients. We bring to your table these delightful drinks to quench the thirst of the most expectant critic. Order our Japanese beverages online and experience their unique flavours.


One of Japan’s most renowned alcoholic drinks, Sake, is a rice wine. Prepared from rice called “shuzō kōtekimai” and water, this drink can be served hot or cold. Whether you have a preference for a dry or a sweet taste, we bring both for you. Additionally, this drink boasts a smooth and mellow taste, which makes it an ideal companion for Singaporean cuisine.


We offer this distilled drink, Shochu, which is made from wheat, sugarcane and sweet potatoes among others. Whether you are fan of cocktails or straight drinking, you can have this drink your way. Possessing an earthy taste, Shochu has turned from being an old man’s beverage to a drink for young people. It can be served on the rocks, with cold water and also hot water. If you like the different variants of Shochu, do not miss out on imoshochu, which is one of the most interesting variations of all.


Another one of Japanese distilled beverages, you will relish Awamori. Prepared from Thailand’s long-grained rice called “Indica” and a black koji mold from Okinawa, Japan, this drink will satisfy your taste buds. You may either drink it straight, in cocktails or on the rocks. While a matured Awamori is aged for three years or more, a great Awamori is preserved for upto 25 years.

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